what is a good apr on a mortgage loan

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Re: 4.2% APR Mortgage Loan Good or No? My last eat mortgage loan is 4.075 thats with me having a 810 score purchase price is 190k but my loan is under rental investment loan

What Is a Good APR for a Mortgage? According to myFICO , borrowers with excellent credit may currently be able to qualify for an APR as low as 3.369% on a 30-year fixed mortgage loan. If you’re able to afford a 15-year term, a borrower with excellent credit might be able to negotiate a fixed-rate mortgage APR as low as 2.79%.

What Is A Good Apr On A Mortgage Loan | Houston-o-matic – The annual percentage rate (APR) on a mortgage is a better indication of the true cost of a home loan than the mortgage interest rate by itself. The APR takes into account not only the mortgage rate, but also things like closing costs, discount points and other fees that are charged as.

That’s good news if you’re shopping for a mortgage or auto loan, for example, and trying to avoid dips in your credit scores.

"Because APR spreads the fees over the course of the entire loan, its value is optimized only if a borrower plans to stay in the home throughout the entire mortgage," says Gloria Shulman. Best Mortgage Rates | Home Mortgage Loan Calculator – A low interest rate isn’t the only factor that goes into finding your best mortgage loan.

For example, an advertised APR might not include mortgage insurance costs. If you need private mortgage insurance , your APR will be higher. In addition, those attractive apr quotes are for the best borrowers out there. If you have less-than-perfect credit, a small down payment, or you need a low documentation loan, you’ll have a higher APR.

The interest rate is a percentage against the total loan amount that the mortgage lender charges each year in exchange for loaning the money the borrower. The APR, on the other hand, is that interest, plus some other charges. With a home, those charges include the items listed above. APR is used primarily for fixed-rate mortgages.

In order to determine your mortgage loan’s APR, these fees are added to the original loan amount to create a new loan amount of $205,000. The 6% interest rate is then used to calculate a new.