questions to ask lender when buying a house

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Whether you're buying a home or refinancing, there are certain questions lenders can't ask. Here's what you need to know.

Ask your lender if any discount points are included in your APR. The answer you’re looking for is "No." You can always decide later to buy discount points, which are extra fees you pay upfront to lower your interest rate. Ask your lender if there any discount points included in your APR.

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When you first start looking for a lender to help you buy a home, it is normal to feel like it’s a one-way street-you need the money, so anyone who will offer it to you seems like a someone you should do your best to listen to.

Below is a blueprint of the steps you can expect to encounter between offer and close, plus the questions you should anticipate asking your Realtor, lawyer (yes, you’ll need one), and lender. to.

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What are the right questions for a buyer to ask when considering purchasing a piece of rural land for sale?It all depends on the objectives the buyer has in mind when making their purchase. A recent article on LANDTHINK entitled, “Top 20 Questions for Land Buyers” garnered a lot of attention and created quite a bit of controversy among LANDTHINK readers.

Before you take the plunge, however, you should take the time to ask yourself a series of questions that will help make. Working with a bank or lender is an important step in buying your new.

 · This is one of the most common questions to ask a mortgage lender if you are a first-time homebuyer. The answer should tell you exactly what you’re paying for. All mortgage payments include part of the loan’s principal plus interest. Your payment will be mostly interest at first, but as time goes on you’ll pay less interest and more principal.

Here are the 11 mortgage questions you should be asking your lender. account in which you pay monthly that goes towards property taxes and insurance.. made by first-time buyers you can avoid by asking these mortgage questions.