how to reaffirm mortgage after chapter 7 discharge

Reaffirming your mortgage after bankruptcy has pros and cons.. “Bankruptcy has given you the right to discharge a debt and no longer have.

How do I reaffirm mortgage note after Chapter 7 – Q&A – Avvo – You cannot reaffirm that debt now, from a 2009 chapter 7 case that was discharged. The mortgage lien survived your discharge, though, and it was not avoided by your Chapter 7 discharge.

Mortgage litigators often face a variety of bankruptcy issues. There are three main chapters of bankruptcy that affect the average mortgage litigator: Chapter 7, Chapter. without a formal.

– If you’d like to reaffirm your personal liability for a secured debt even after a discharge from Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a reaffirmation agreement is what you need to sign with the lender. reaffirmation agreement is usually executed for secured debts such as mortgage, car loan, RV loan etc.

You cannot reaffirm any debt after your bankruptcy has been discharged. Bankruptcy law requires any reaffirmation to occur before the discharge is entered. In addition, the only reason to reaffirm is to persuade the mortgage company to report your ongoing payments to the credit bureaus.

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Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a means to discharge your debts and get a financial "fresh start." A home mortgage is a debt secured by property: the home in.

In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, one way to keep the property is to reaffirm the debt. You and the lender will enter into a reaffirmation agreement and file it with the court. Generally, you can only reaffirm debt if your equity in the collateral is exempt.

Failing to reaffirm the mortgage with the lender in a bankruptcy begins the. lender in bankruptcy proceedings means you accept the debt as discharged.. Banks will start the foreclosure process after the bankruptcy if a.

Should I Reaffirm My Mortgage Debt After Bankruptcy? Written by Camille Puschautz on August 8, 2014 If you’ve found yourself in financial difficulty, you may be considering bankruptcy, which allows you to settle with your creditors in court.

This means that you are foregoing the benefit of your bankruptcy discharge on the. if you continue to make your mortgage or car payments after the bankruptcy .