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Benefits of a General Discharge Under Honorable Conditions. – General Discharge. General discharge is an administrative action that describes imperfect honorable service. This discharge prohibits future re-enlistment into any branch of the military. A general discharge does permit benefits, though, and is acceptable to the Department of Veterans Affairs, an important link in the chain of communications.

My boyfriend had a general discharge from Basic Training Army. – Of the Air Force, these types of discharges once came under the regulation AFR 39-10, which may or may not have been rescinded now. The 39-10 regulation addressed pregnancy, which directly is not an outright "medical discharge" but rather a discharge granted for the good of the services — for the convenience of it, say.

Air Force Error Allowed Texas Gunman to Buy Weapons – The. –  · The Air Force admitted that it didn’t enter Devin P. Kelley’s domestic violence court-martial into a database that could have prevented him from buying a gun.

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Benefits for Veterans with General Discharge – Military Authority – Veterans with a general discharge may also qualify for home or business loans, job training, and post-traumatic stress disorder counseling. Contact your local Veterans Administration office with questions. If you’re ready to research schools or educational opportunities, check out the Military Authority School Finder.

The Judge Advocate General's Corps > Contact Us > JAJA. – The air force discharge review Board (DRB) is appointed by the Secretary of the Air Force and given discretionary authority to review administrative discharges. A DRB Panel is an element of the DRB and consists of 5 active duty Air Force officer and senior enlisted personnel, authorized to review discharges and dismissals.

Military discharge in the United States – – Military discharge in the United States. however, a general discharge may preclude participation in the GI Bill, service on veteran’s commissions, and other. (ACCA), Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals, Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals, and the Coast Guard Court of Criminal.

No Benefits For Dishonorable Discharge Air Force Discharge Review Board – AIR FORCE DISCHARGE REVIEW BOARD (AFDRB): The AFDRB affords former Air Force members the opportunity to request a review of their discharge (except for a discharge or dismissal by general courts-martial) within 15 years of the date of separation.

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What does 'general discharge' mean in the air force? – Quora – There are two types of General Discharge: Under Honorable Conditions and Other Than Honorable. These may be given by court martial or by board action to someone who does not – quite – meet military standards but has not done anything seriously wrong.