Double Wide Vs Single Wide

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Definition of a "Double Wide" manufactured dwelling. – The terms "single wide" and "double wide" are outdated. IMO if there are two HUD data labels then it is a two section manufactured home. I would only describe it that way and not get into loan program hassles.

Trailernutz: Let's talk single-wide vs. double-wide – Is a double-wide home always a better choice? Definitely not. I was looking at the new Cavco offerings on line.. It is well worth the upgrade, and many manufacturers of single and double-wide manufactured homes offer it as an upgrade. Get it! It also makes the home feel more substantial.

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Double Wide Mobile Homes vs Single Wide Mobile Homes – YouTube – https://www.manufacturedhomepartsinfo.. click here if you are interested to know about doble wide mobile homes and its advantage over single wide mobile homes.

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Double Wide Mobile Homes vs Single Wide Mobile Homes – The basic configuration for manufactured homes, however, is still single wide or double wide.Single wide or single-section mobile homes are made of one main unit. The average single side manufactured home usually has about 1,100 square feet of living space while double wides average about 1,700 square feet.

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