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A clear to close, sometimes referred to as a CTC, is the underwriter’s official statement saying that you have passed all underwriter requirements. This is cause for celebration since it means your credit score, debt-to-income ratio, eligibility, employment history, and so many other details checked out.

If you have a closing date, does that mean you are clear to close? We have had one since the contract began on a home we are set to close on June week, but no clear to close was ever sent to out to me by word of our LO and I need to know.

Clear to close means you’re close to the finish line and will soon be moving into your new house! This phrase means that the underwriter has finished reviewing your documents and has approved your loan. Once you have received notice that you’re "clear to close," you can set an actual closing date.

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A "clear to close" buyer is in a good position. That’s because the mortgage underwriter has reviewed and approved all documentation required to fund the loan. The lender can then send a clear to.

Cleared to Close When underwriters designate your file as "cleared to close," it means that the documents you have provided to the underwriter have passed their scrutiny and that the closing agent.

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Clear to close in my shop means all of the prior to doc stips (stipulations) have been received and reviewed and the documents we received satisfied the conditions so you are clear to close. Helpful hint, just because the documents asked for have been provided doesnt mean they will clear the condition, often a borrower will provide a.