refinancing home loan after divorce

The following divorce and refinance questions touch on the issues that are important when you’re faced with either keeping the marital home or having your spouse buy you out. Find out if you should refinance the mortgage, how to get your share of the equity if your husband is the one who’ll be refinancing, and what can be done if the mortgage.

19 rows  · Get your ex off your mortgage with no out of pocket costs. Or, get into your new home.

And unfortunately, taking someone’s name off a joint mortgage isn’t as simple as calling your lender and making a request. Refinancing and Applying for a New Mortgage Loan. To keep your house after a divorce and take your spouse’s name off the mortgage loan, you’ll need to refinance the mortgage loan in your name only.

To remove a former spouse from the mortgage, you typically need to refinance the mortgage with the spouse who will keep possession of the home as the sole borrower. But that can be difficult to do after a divorce. In this guide, we’ll explain how it can work. How divorce impacts your ability to refinance

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The wife had been a stay at home mom and Maintenance and Child Support. and pay off a car loan in wife's name in exchange for the wife receiving a. divorce process that say “The Wife will refinance the mortgage out of.

Refinancing After Divorce – Submit quick loan refinancing application online and make it easier than ever. Refinancing your mortgage loan or home equity could save you money. It is important to note that even a minute change in interest rates can have a major impact. So while comparing the rates.

This means that whomever gets the house will also be responsible for the mortgage.. figure out what to do with the house after your divorced and what to do right now.. One way out of this is what I like to call a divorce refi.